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Check out how to succeed with interesting tips for sports betting

We have selected the 10 main ones to help you bid strategically and focus on profit. Read them carefully so that you can be an expert in this universe from now on.

1. Bank management

Bank management is fundamental for all kinds of bettors. It is used to set the value of a bet and thus keep everything under control. Let’s take an example, in a bankroll of $ 200:

Divide the bankroll by 20, forming the units. In the example, we will have the value of $ 10 each unit. After that, just follow the following process before placing a bet.

  • Very Confident: bet one and a half units, $15;
  • Confident: bet one unit, $10
  • Low Confidence: bet half a unit, $5;
  • Not confident: never bet.

Following this, the bettor has greater chances of succeeding in the bets, because it will be with margin for error and success. This is very important in the world of sports betting.

2. Identify your weaknesses and strengths

To identify your strengths and weaknesses, make a control spreadsheet in the first days and write down all the bets. The markets that you make the most profit will be your strengths, so focus on them.

3. Emotional control

To win in the bets, it is necessary to have emotional control. It is essential to maintain your bankroll management and, in moments of instability, take some time to cool down.

4. Study sports betting

The sports betting market is broad and therefore requires study and dedication. If you are a beginner, be careful not to jump into scenarios that you don’t dominate. study first, bet later.

5. Study well the athletes, the teams and the competitions


An injured or suspended player can play a direct role in defining whether a bet is good or not. This can even affect the rest of the team and generate a certain degree of instability. The competition must also be considered.

The format of the competition directly affects the match. For example, a round-robin match, which ended 5-0 in the first meeting, can result in a second duel more difficult, because those who are ahead end up taking their foot off the pedal.

With these betting tips, it is possible to find good markets.

Keep an eye on the games

Nothing like watching the games to stay on top of everything. Following the matches, you can make bets in real time, taking advantage of the odds fluctuations to get good values.

7. Check if the odd has value

Never place a bet just by the values of odds. It is essential, before finalizing the same, make analysis about the teams and the competition. After that, if the odd is good, confirm the bet.

8. Keep an eye on the tips of professionals

There are several trained professionals who make their living from sports betting. Take time to read, watch videos and learn, because they can bring fundamental content to help you in sports betting.

9. Make multiple in moderation

Betting football

Multiple bets are great for improving odds values, but be careful. Do not be fooled by high values and several teams on the same ticket. Opt for games with 2, 3, maximum 4 teams.

10. Take advantage of KTO’s naughty games

The promotion “malandrinha”, from KTO, is a great way for those who want to risk little money and seek a high return. This is how it works:

7 games are selected per day, in which the bettor must choose between home, visitor or draw. The value of the ticket is $5,00 and the return can reach up to $2.500.

Pretty good, right? Then go to our website and put into practice the betting tips that we brought in this article. And stay on top of the news that we share here on the blog to help you do well in your strategies.

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