Frustration And Distress
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Strategies To Cope With Frustration And Distress

Everybody knows this unpleasant feeling of feeling frustrated or distressed. By shifting your attention to the actions that matter, it will be easier to hold the situation in your hands.

Start planning

Start planning

Write a to-do list for tomorrow every night, even with the less significant things such as how to water the flowers, go to the store, etc. Making realistic plans and executing them will help you accept reality as it is, with its consistency and ordinariness. Don’t underestimate your little goals and reward yourself for it. For example, you have worked for eight hours and can enjoy PlayAmo Casino Australia in the evening. 

Encourage and reassure yourself

 If you don’t believe in affirmations, a two-minute smile in front of the mirror will work at the level of physiology: the facial muscles, which tense during joy, will automatically trigger signals to the brain that all is well. Body-level causation works great in stressful situations.

Imagine the worst outcome of the situation

Imagine the worst outcome of the situation

This is an optimistic mechanism built on negativism. Being late for a train doesn’t look so scary compared to getting into an accident while rushing to catch a flight. In response to setbacks, it’s better to ask yourself, “How will I look back on this in 5 years?”

Think positive

Even if it’s not funny at all. Play a quest with yourself: sincerely try to find something positive in an unpleasant situation.

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