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What is rollover?

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With the big competition, bookmakers try to attract new customers with some offers and promotions. The most famous of them is the welcome bonus, awarded after making the first deposit in the company.

In many cases, the value of the deposit is doubled with a bonus. For example, by placing 50.00 reais, you get 50 bonus, without much secret. However, if the customer could withdraw this value right away it would not make much sense, so it was created the rollover, which are the terms and conditions of the bonus.

The rollover is a way for the company to make you rotate the bonus within it, often with a minimum odds quotation, a defined period and a quantity. As an example, if a house uses the rollover of 5 times and you receive 100 bonus, you will need to bet 500 to reach the “spin” established.

For example, if you made five bets of 20 reals with the bonus, winning or losing, you will have 100 on the turnover. Arriving at the required value, the rollover is reached, of course, without being able to reset.

Only after meeting the rollover, if the customer can, the bonus is added to the amount and money and can be withdrawn or used in new bets. However, we must be transparent and inform that many end up resetting the bonus, then they receive nothing. In other cases, the bonus becomes a good value and increases the bankroll.

Are there bonuses without rollover?


It is not common, but it exists, and this is a differential of the bookmaker KTO, which offers a simple initial bonus system, without the need for rollover.

After registering in the company, it is necessary to make a minimum deposit of 50.00 reais. After this, simply choose any sporting event, with minimum odds of @1.50 and bet 50.00 or 100.00 reais, betting exactly one of the two values.

In this way, KTO offers a free bet in the same value, where the customer chooses the game and use it. If you win, the value is added to your amount and can be used for new entries or withdrawals, without having to meet the rollover.

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