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TV Shows Everyone Should Watch This Year

Everyone knows the desperation that grips a fan of a particular series when the season ends at the most interesting place, and before the release of the next one will have to wait another year. This way you can plunge into the most natural depression, and doctors talk about it – but the producers are vigilantly watching so that the viewer does not have time to get bored, so new content is delivered regularly and regularly. This year promises to be a shocking year for strong TV shows.

House of the Dragon

A series that will allow fans of the cult “Game of Thrones” to put up with the end of the saga a little: It will show the history of House Targaryen: they promise to keep the very unique and stylish atmosphere that was so attractive in Game of Thrones. After you have finished playing in the 20Bet App you can freely watch this TV show.

Mrs America

Mrs America

The story of a feminist and social activist is relevant today, shown from a non-trivial side. The fact is that the main character Phyllis Schlafly, played by Cate Blanchett, considers herself an anti-feminist and opposes the equality of the rights of women and men. The mini-series includes other bright acting work, so it can be watched literally in one breath.


They wanted to film the bestseller of the same name for a very long time, but for some reason, everything did not work out – and now the story will appear in the format of a series. At first, they planned a feature film with Johnny Depp, but he was constantly busy in other projects, so the main role in the series about the adventures of a fugitive Australian prisoner in India eventually went to another famous Briton – Charlie Hunnam.

Emily in Paris

This comedy series promises to be light and sparkling – just find out that the script was written by the legendary creator of “Sex and the City” Darren Star. This is the story of an American who has moved to the most romantic city in the world for work – and constantly gets into funny and curious trouble. Lily Collins played the title role.

Lord of the Rings

Another fantasy saga that will make millions of viewers stick to the screens – this time, a luxurious gift awaits the Tolkienists: the story of Aragorn will be shown in the opening season of The Lord of the Rings. One of the main roles will be played by Will Poulter.



The first season of the British mini-series turned out to be so powerful that the creators decided to continue the story about the life of an Afghan war veteran and his relationship with his boss, England’s Home Secretary Julia Montagu. 

Through the Snow

A man-made disaster happened on the planet, so the world plunged into darkness and icy cold. The surviving people are traveling somewhere on a train in which a state is recreated in miniature with all the laws of hierarchy: the rich and the elite travel at the head of the train, and the lumpen and hard workers are at the tail. Naturally, there is a conflict between castes, characters and situations, which will have to be solved by a pair of daredevils and heroes.

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