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How does roulette betting work?

This modality has more than 200 years of history and we usually find two forms of presentation in the main markets. At the beginning of the game’s history, roulette had only 31 numbers, something that changed over the years.

Today we find American-style roulettes with 38 slots and European-style roulettes with 37


Thus, what differentiates them are the chances of winning in each one of the modalities. With the evolutions made in the practice of the game, the roulette has also been updated and remains firm in the biggest bookmakers, both physical and online.

Now about the game itself, it is important to know that as soon as the player joins the betting table, he must choose a colour of the chip that will represent him during the game. From there, the values that can be wagered on the chips are also available. You can choose more than one number to place your bets and increase your chances, so that you don’t just stay in one area.

The bettor must also always be aware of the betting limits, as bets below the minimum table value are not accepted. In online betting this issue is facilitated, since there is usually a button that inserts the minimum value automatically, preventing the bettor from being left out.

The game gives the opportunity to place inside or outside bets, on any of the available numbers, or even, if the player wants, bet on a certain number combination.

Regarding the amounts to bet, it is important to know that for each of the external bets chosen, the bet amount must be at least the table minimum. In the internal bets, the same rules also apply based on the total value. Don’t forget that both are independent of the table minimum.

In the event of a winner’s bet, the amounts wagered are returned and, along with this value, there is also the addition of the return values, based on the investment made in the winning number, plus the total value of the odds which will result in the profit. In the event of a mistake in the choice of number, the bet will be lost and the money wagered goes to the house.

Which form of roulette is the most advantageous?

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Without a doubt, the best choice to place your bets is the European Roulette version, because in a comparison with the American version, the European one has the lowest percentage of return that goes to the bookmaker.

To give you an idea of the proportion of values that go to the house, see that the calculation of the difference between real odds and the bookmaker’s payout in European Roulette is 2.70%.

In contrast, the bookmakers’ advantage in American Roulette rises to 5.26%. In the case of Five Line betting, that number can still rise to almost 7.89%. What explains this difference is precisely the additional double zero slot that exists only in the American version.

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