Foods that cannot be called vegan
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Foods that cannot be called vegan

Veganism is a whole philosophy. This is a nutritional technique and a way of life – and every day the number of fans is only increasing. Let doctors talk about the dangers of eliminating animal foods from the diet, and let vegans believe that meat, fish, eggs, animal fats and dairy products should stay in the store – or, even better, on the lawn or in the sea, alive.

But simply giving up certain types of food is not enough. You also need to be sure that all others are suitable for this type of food. And here there can be unpleasant discoveries: the fact is that completely harmless and familiar products can be produced using animal components – therefore, they cannot be considered vegan. Moreover, some of them themselves are not averse to eating living creatures. In the literal sense of the word. 

Fruit juices

Very few people know about this, but when straining juices, a membrane is sometimes used, which is made from a fish bladder. The solution is quite simple: if you can’t find out in any way whether to trust a particular manufacturer, switch to fresh. At the same time, rid yourself of excess sugar, which is also not so simple.

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Refined sugar

Refined sugar

Sugar in cubes or candies is obtained from loose sugar as follows. In the production of refined sugar, a component similar to gelatin is used. The so-called beef charcoal is mined from failed cow bones – and it is impossible to calculate its taste in the finished product. There can be only one alternative here: use loose sugar, preferably brown sugar cane. 

Bakery products

The package may say that when baking bagels or other muffins, butter and eggs were not used. But few people mention the substance with the incomprehensible name L-cysteine. This amino acid is needed to improve the structure of the dough when kneading – and it is obtained from animal hair. Real vegans bake their own bread and rolls, although questions about yeast remain.

Yeast and beer

No one really knows what yeast really is. They have all the signs of living beings: breathe, reproduce and eat. What if they are intelligent? Imagine scary. Perhaps there is only one alternative – yeast-free types of pastries and beer.

Fish sauce

Fish sauce

Many salads and soups of Asian cuisine are very tasty – you can easily fall in love with them, and many of them are vegetarian. Ostensibly. It is important to clarify whether fish sauce was used in their preparation – it is used as widely as soy sauce. It is prepared like this: the fish is first dried for a long time under the scorching rays of the sun, and then fermented in tanks, filled with water.


Everything seems to be clear – potatoes at best, at worst – a mixture of starch, chemistry and oil. But among the components, there may be animal fat and offal supplements. The way out is to fry the chips yourself in order to know exactly what they are made of and what they are seasoned with.

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