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SureBet Method

One of the best ways to place a sure bet is by using the SureBet method. It ensures that you get all your guesses right for good and guarantees your profits.

The method consists of analysing the best odds offered by the betting sites and applying a formula to find out how much to spend on each one. It is necessary to make 2 to 3 guesses in the same game, but in different results.

This ensures that you hit the winner of the game, and with the money collected from the right guess, is recovered the value of others. To apply this method, it is necessary to register in at least 3 different bookmakers.

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Showing in practice

  • In a Brazil x Argentina match
  • Betting House 1 Betting House 2 Betting House 3
  • Odd Brazil: 1.75 Odd draw: 8.0 Odd Argentina: 3.7

In the first step, you should take the best odds from the different bookmakers and divide each of them by 1. Once you have done this, add up the results and if the value is less than 1 the surebet has been found.

  • 1/ 1.75 = 0,5717
  • 1/ 8.0 = 0,125   
  • + 1/ 3.7 = 0,2702 


   Total: 0.9669

Results greater than 1 do not work when applying surebet, so discard the possibility of using them. In the second step of the method we must find the value to bet on each guess.

Suppose that to bet on Brazil x Argentina, we will use 100 reals. Just take the results obtained in the first step and multiply by the value we will use, that is, 100 reals.

  • Bookmaker 1: 0.5717 x 100 = $ 57.17
  • Betting House 2: 0.125 x 100 = $ 12.5
  • House of bets 3: 0.2702 x 100 = $ 27.02

The result will be the value that must be bet on each odd. That is, one of the bets you will get right and recover the value of the others, besides getting a profit on top.

Notice that the stipulated value was 100 reals, but the value invested was 96.69. Your earnings were all in the average of 100 reals, and your profits in the range of 4 reals.

Is it worth using it?


Yes it is, the method may even seem a little strange, but in practice it guarantees that you get 100% of your guesses right. Your profits depend on the value you choose to place your bets, that is, everything depends on your investment.

It is worth noting that the average earnings are 2% to 5%, but with the right odds your earnings can exceed 10%. The method is quite safe, but do not forget to confirm your accounts, a wrong number can make all the difference.

Small risks

SureBet Method

We know that not everything is a miracle and SureBet is no different. The bookmakers recognize the effectiveness of the method and try any way they can to cancel it.

One of the most efficient ways to get around SureBet is the money limitation that some bookmakers impose. Often to make a guess on the team that has more chances of winning, the site limits the amount that can be invested, reducing your gain.

An advantage for those who do not bet big amounts is that you do not need to worry about the limitation of the sites. Most of the blocks are on values from 4 digits up.

Use KTO in the bet guaranteed, in it you find several options of games to apply what you learned, having fun. Register on the site and maximize your profits with online betting.

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